Window is a remote musical collaboration between several patients at Langdon Hospital in Dawlish, UK (Devon Partnership NHS Trust), their music instructor, Matt Smith, recording artists Mike Ladd, John Matthias and Jay Auborn, staff and students at dBs Music in Bristol and Plymouth UK and dbs-i and dBs Pro. Langdon Hospital supports men from the South West of England who, as a consequence of their mental health needs, have had contact with the legal system and require a safe and secure environment that enables them to receive a wide range of treatments, therapies and care to assist in their recovery. During the Covid-19 pandemic, music instructor, Matt Smith has been unable to move freely around the hospital and decided to alleviate the patients' occupational deprivation by initiating a remote musical collaboration, inviting external recording artists to remix their music. This is the result of that collaborative process. All of the music was written after April 2020 and is inspired by different interpretations of the concept of the Window

You can listen to the patients' original tracks with the remixes alongside and read about the patients' inspirations and ideas for their work and their comments about the remixing process.

“I feel that by exchanging my tracks with other musicians, it gives my work a sense of value. I like to think I can create things that others can work with and see that I am more than just a patient.”

NC Track:

Having to adapt to the circumstances of lockdown; considering what we can and cannot see. The transmission of televisual information from the cameras lens to the operative’s eye to the television studio in the eye of the producer to the watching public audience.


I am a 29 year old man with an interest in the language of music and how to use this to make people think. I write poetry/creative writing everyday as a way to offload my emotions. I listen to all sorts of music and cannot imagine a day without it.

NC Track -
NC remix 'ZOOM on a lockdown' -
John Matthias, Jay Auborn
Abri a janela da tua mente -
Mike Ladd
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