Window is a remote musical collaboration between several patients at Langdon Hospital in Dawlish, UK (Devon Partnership NHS Trust), their music instructor, Matt Smith, recording artists Mike Ladd, John Matthias and Jay Auborn, staff and students at dBs Music in Bristol and Plymouth UK and dbs-i and dBs Pro. Langdon Hospital supports men from the South West of England who, as a consequence of their mental health needs, have had contact with the legal system and require a safe and secure environment that enables them to receive a wide range of treatments, therapies and care to assist in their recovery. During the Covid-19 pandemic, music instructor, Matt Smith has been unable to move freely around the hospital and decided to alleviate the patients' occupational deprivation by initiating a remote musical collaboration, inviting external recording artists to remix their music. This is the result of that collaborative process. All of the music was written after April 2020 and is inspired by different interpretations of the concept of the Window

You can listen to the patients' original tracks with the remixes alongside and read about the patients' inspirations and ideas for their work and their comments about the remixing process.

“I would like to swap my music with other people to open their minds and see what I can inspire in them. To share my journey together, it’s great to know that my work has value.”

CD Track – Train/Harmonica:

My Music Technician (Matt) showed me the minimalist composer Steve Reich, I have a keen interest in Blues music and play the harmonica. I started replicating industrial sounds with this instrument and considered the Koestler theme of “windows”. I decided to make a minimalist train journey using repetitive rhythmic patterns so that listeners can participate and view the scenery through “the window” in their minds.


I am a 44 year old man, I like listening to Blues music and like Bob Dylan and music with a message. I have recently seen the benefits of electronic music and am keen to experiment with different sounds and genres. It has opened up new ways to appreciate sound and made me look at the harmonica from a new angle and to push it to the limit.

CD Track -
Remix 'A Train of Thought' -
Toby Lewis
Harmonica Remix -
Lima Milan
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